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Mister Positive

If you watch nothing else this year, then you should take 15 minutes of your time and watch this video. If nothing else, it will put your life into perspective. Around the country and the world, peopl...Read More

Police take action after road rage caught on dash-cam

Tuesday, 03 March 2020 01:02:41 PM Police are taking action against a man alleged to have thrown a g...Read More

rod n truck

1st December 2019 older and or crankier?

Goodaye all. So many things to attend and contribute to. I was invited to attend and even speak at t...Read More

rod n truck

24th November 2019

Goodaye all. Rushing to get to work now, a too short week-end. Late home Saturday, I got the TIV was...Read More

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Truck That October

Truck That October 2018

In our October edition of Truck That, part 1 of our special series of Rod’s study trip as part of the Churchill Fellowship grant that he was awarded in 2016. Rod was awarded the NRMA/ACT Road Safety T...