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11th August 2019 Not Happy Birthday

Goodaye all, thanks to my youngest daughter for help with airline bookings and our Rod Pilon Tpt Melbourne manager, I was able to attend my sisters’ funeral in Townsville, Tuesday. It was a long day g...

5th August 2019. Sadness and safety.

Goodaye all. I am currently in Melbourne and fly out to my sisters funeral in Townsville in the morn...Read More

22nd July 2019 Work and a break.

Goodaye all. Had a short week last week, down to Melbourne and back, then truck was due for machiner...Read More

Man killed in fail to stop crash north of Kempsey

Tuesday, 16 July 2019 01:28:57 AM  Police are seeking witnesses after a man was found deceased on th...Read More

How many drivers are being RIPPED OFF ON SUPER??

Australia operates as a capitalist society and as such, it is fantastic to see an employer make mone...Read More

14th July 2019 Where did you sleep?

Goodaye all. Where did you sleep this week? Did you sleep in your own bed or if away from home, in a...Read More

7th July 2019 Dirt, cotton and wires.

Goodaye all. Hoping the broken wire problem has finally been fixed and I get all my horsepower back....Read More

We’re back!!

We have already begun shooting some stuff for the latest round of ‘Truck That’ videos wi...Read More

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In our October edition of Truck That, part 1 of our special series of Rod’s study trip as part of the Churchill Fellowship grant that he was awarded in 2016. Rod was awarded the NRMA/ACT Road Safety T...

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1 week ago

Trucking Nation

Trucking union angry over police investigations into double trucking fatality in Truno ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Trucking Nation

I have always had utmost respect for law enforcement, having previously been heavily involved with road rescue both full time and volunteer, I have worked shoulder to shoulder with them in some very stressful situations.

This video is appalling in the extreme. These officers need to be removed from active duty and have a thorough mental health assessment post haste and if the commissioner doesn’t order it immediately then the commissioner needs to be removed as well.

I heard no threat, I saw no violence, I heard and saw two Police Officers on a serious power trip and these young people should be completely compensated for the trauma they have been subjected to. These officers are the very reason the fine men and women of the Police force find it difficult to be respected.

That is common assault!

Completely out of control and unjustified!
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