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Trucking Nation would like to announce some Major Modifications to the Truck That Australia Drivers Club over the next few days.

Firstly we would like to thank those of you who were patient and understanding whilst I was away on a family holiday for a week or so.  When Rod and I had discussed the timing of the release of the club it was unfortunate that my overseas trip with my wife was already well in train and my iPad only copes with so much. For your security I wouldn’t log on on a hotel computer in Singapore and for my own security whilst my wife was holding her birthday cake knife. So for those that respected my time I thank you sincerely, it’s a pity that just a couple weren’t quite as understanding.

Over the next few days I will be releasing a major upgrade to the website with a dedicated members only home page with links to all of the forums and topics as well as topical news related articles and videos.  I have also invested in a stronger and more streamlined plugin for the site to make registration easier.  Over the next couple of months there will be periodic updates as we move to ensure that we are fully compliant with the new Data Protection Laws.  We don’t actually keep any personal financial records, which is why we use PayPal Express and our database is fully encrypted so the steps are small but must be made.

I would love to see you all head on into the forums and start to utilize them as we grow.  We need to start a conversation.

To fill you all in on who I am, I am a truck driver, just like most of you, I still work for a boss, I must admit for the most part a fairly understanding one too. I shoot and edit videos with Rod and others in what little spare time I have in the hope that one day soon I will be able to step back from the truck full time and focus on providing our industry with good quality broadcast standard video.

when one truly knows ones ability and self worth, one doesn’t really need to prove it to anyone

I started in our industry in 1979 but, I spent most of my time in express mainly running to Perth after cutting my teeth on the Hume for several years. Yes I am old enough to remember Sylvia’s Gap, and Little Sydney Harbour. During my time I was lucky enough to spend some time in other industries not the least being Television which is where I learned computers and became interested in them. One might say I’m a “propeller head”, I love technical.Small Logo

A friend of mine (Mick) suggested I speak with Rod about doing some videos which I did and the rest is history so far. Rods idea for the drivers club was one that I supported and I have provided this web space for him to ensure that the club has the maximum opportunity for success. Keeping out the bullies, abusers and idiots. There are always, unfortunately, those that would see whatever you do as wrong but also offer no tangible solution. I already had “Trucking Nation” registered as I have a few others but it seemed like the perfect fit. So that you all know, not one cent of membership fees goes to me.  I don’t even have access to the club bank account.  In time I will send the club a bill to recoup some out of pocket expenses, plugins are not all free, but my time in developing the website is all mine.  I am keen that you should all know I am not charging nor making money from the club, in time I will maybe from advertising but that’s a way off yet.

I am passionate about our industry, I am passionate about the people in it. I am tired of seeing drivers always cop the raw deal from bosses that only want to pay the bare minimum that they have to so they don’t get in trouble and authorities who do whatever they can to get at drivers because there is less of us who vote. Eventually, hopefully we can all make a difference for people in our industry, if not for us immediately, then for the future drivers to come. Things need to be approached methodically, intellectually and more importantly with logic and reason. Threats of violence and bullying don’t get people anywhere, in fact, it makes them look really small in my opinion. It was once told to me in another job, when one truly knows ones ability and self worth, one doesn’t really need to prove it to anyone.

It’s never been done before, can we do it now? Rod and I believe that together we all can.

Thank you for your patience.

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