Police to conduct pedestrian safety operation following fatal crashes

Officers from the North West Metro Highway Patrol and North Shore Police will be conducting a high visibility pedestrian safety operation following a number of fatal crashes within the North Shore Police Area Command.

The high visibility operation will run on Monday 14 May 2018 and is part of the statewide Operation Merret.

It comes in response to four fatal pedestrian crashes last year in the North Shore and 57 injuries to pedestrians since the start of this year in the same area.

Police will be monitoring road user behaviour around major pedestrian hubs and stopping any drivers or pedestrian posing a risk to other road users.

“Pedestrian safety is paramount and this is a shared responsibility by all road users, including drivers, riders, cyclists and pedestrians,” Inspector Simon Maund, North West Metropolitan Region Traffic Tactician, said.

“The vast majority of crashes causing fatalities and injuries are avoidable if all road users heeded the warnings and followed traffic regulations, which are in place for their safety.”

“We encourage pedestrians to take responsibility for their own safety by using crossings, obeying road rules and being aware of their surroundings,” Inspector Maund said.

Extra caution should be exercised in areas of high vehicle and pedestrian concentration such as near train stations, bus stops and CBD areas.

Pedestrians are encouraged to:

· Obey signals at crossings;
· Always cross at a pedestrian crossing where one is available;
· Never assume a driver has seen you or intends to stop;
· Never cross a road while using headphones or mobile phones;
· Always hold the hands of children when crossing the road.

Penalties apply to pedestrians disobeying road rules that apply to them.
Motorists are advised to obey all speed and road rules especially around restricted speed zones. Motorists need to be vigilant when pedestrians are about particularly around school zones and areas of high pedestrian traffic.

Police will also be looking for speeding motorists, those using a mobile phone while driving and those not wearing a seat belt or a helmet.

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