Overlength B’Double intercepted 16.05.18

About 2:40pm Wednesday the 16th of May, police attached to Tweed/Byron Bay Highway Patrol, intercepted a B double travelling south along the M1 motorway Chinderah. The vehicle was directed and escorted to the Chinderah Heavy Vehicle Inspection Station where police attached to the Traffic Task Force and Heavy Vehicle Inspectors assisted with an inspection of the vehicle.

Inspectors and police measured the combination which revealed that it was over length measuring in at 26.5m when the allowable measurement for the combination was 25m placing it into the severe category. On speaking to the driver in relation as to why he was driving a over length vehicle he stated “because I was told to”.

An inspection of the vehicle revealed that all of the brakes fitted to the A-trailer were out of adjustment resulting in reduced braking efficiency which was evident when the combination was stopped by police with the B trailers brakes locking up.

An inspection of the load on the combination also revealed a substantial load breach with an already apparent load shift already occurring.

An ECM download was also conducted with nil issues detected.

RMS Inspectors issued a defect notice and yellow label to the A-trailer. A direction to reduce, secure and adjust was also given to the driver to rectify the vehicles length and load issues.

Police have issued a Future Court Attendance Notice for the offences of Severe dimemsion breach, Substantial Load restraint breach and infringements will be issued to the companies owner for owner permit offences relating the defective brakes.

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