New truck weight detector technology on Princes Fwy Little River

Together with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), we’re installing truck weight and vehicle detectors on Princes Freeway in Little River to improve heavy vehicle road safety in Victoria.

Project Update

Preparation work on 16 June from 8am – 2pm

Before installing the gantries, we will need to prepare the area, which involves works on the shoulders of the road. During works, the emergency lanes on each carriageway will be closed. There will also be a speed reduction in place to ensure the protection of the work crew and motorists.

Changed traffic conditions 23 to 24 June from 5pm – 7am

To allow these works to happen we’ll be closing both the City bound and Geelong bound carriageways at separate times, during which we’ll be maintaining traffic movement in both directions.

  • From 5pm on Saturday 23 June the Geelong bound carriageway will be reduced to two lanes and from 6pm the City bound carriageway will be reduced to two lanes.
  • From 8pm until midnight, the Geelong bound carriageway will be closed, with one lane of Geelong bound traffic diverted onto the City bound carriageway.
  • From midnight until 7am on Sunday 24 June, the City bound carriageway will be closed, with City bound traffic diverted onto the Geelong bound carriageway.

Plan ahead and look out for signage and speed reductions which will be in place to ensure the safety of our work crews and motorists.

Project background

Together with the NHVR we’re installing overhead gantries to hold Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras and systems to support the development of a heavy vehicle camera network. The cameras which are mounted to the gantries are integrated with associated TIRTL and Weigh in Motion (WIM) devices situated 30 metres from the gantries.


This technology will help us to better understand how major freight routes are used over the next few years, improve compliance with heavy vehicle road safety requirements and to continue the encouragement of safer driving on Victoria’s roads.

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