Laying The Foundation For Success

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) will release a new Discussion Paper this evening to help lay the foundation for a successful implementation of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.

Set to be released during the annual ALC Parliamentary Function at Parliament House in Canberra, Laying The Foundation identifies nine priority actions for the Commonwealth Government to pursue immediately to help facilitate a more effective implementation of the Strategy once it is finalised around May 2019.

The publication and its accompanying video set out policy actions consistent with the Report of the Inquiry Into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities, which emphasised the need for governments to “take a leadership role and take immediate action.”

“The ALC Parliamentary Function is a vital opportunity for leading representatives from the nation’s freight logistics industry to meet directly with parliamentarians and other senior decision makers,” said ALC Managing Director, Michael Kilgariff.

“With this industry representing 8.6% of Australia’s GDP, employing 1.2 million Australians and adding more than $130 billion to the economy each year, it is crucially important for political representatives to understand the contribution this sector makes to the economy.”

“As the Commonwealth Government is now collaborating with all levels of government on the detailed preparation of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, ALC felt this was an appropriate moment to highlight opportunities for immediate action to federal parliamentarians,” Mr Kilgariff said.

“Each of the nine recommendations reflect industry priorities discussed at ALC Forum 2018 and the inaugural ALC Supply Chain Technology Summit, are consistent with the findings of the Inquiry, and are items over which the Commonwealth Government has jurisdiction.”

“In an excellent example of industry collaboration, the issues contained in the Discussion Paper were also explored by industry representatives attending the annual Dialogue between ALC and the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (DIRDC) in Canberra this morning, in which representatives of many allied industry associations also took part.”

“As was made clear in a report issued by Infrastructure Australia this week, maintaining momentum on infrastructure development and policy reform will be central to Australia’s future economic success.”

“Pursuing the nine recommendations contained in Laying The Foundation will help achieve this outcome, and deliver key policy reforms that are crucial to the nation’s freight logistics industry,” he concluded.

The nine recommendations contained in Laying The Foundation are as follows:

Recommendation 1: That the Commonwealth Government immediately establish a dedicated Freight and Supply Chain Unit within the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.

Recommendation 2: That the Commonwealth Government immediately commission an independent review of the rules around over size and over mass (OSOM) vehicle movements, to report by May 2019, identifying opportunities to streamline route approvals and establish national consistency.

Recommendation 3: The Commonwealth Government should immediately review and amend regulations that prescribe specific freight aircraft types that may operate during curfew periods, and instead permit the operation of any aircraft that meets an agreed noise standard.

Recommendation 4: The dedicated Freight and Supply Chain Unit within DIRDC be immediately tasked with establishing a data gathering and performance review mechanism that measures and reports the performance of key freight routes and interfaces at freight terminals.

Recommendation 5: That the Commonwealth Government allocate a portion of the monies appropriated in the 2018/19 Commonwealth Budget to assist the implementation of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy to the ABS, to complete the establishment of a transport satellite account.

Recommendation 6: That the Commonwealth Government incorporates ALC’s National Planning Principles into all agreements with other jurisdictions pertaining to infrastructure funding, and incentivises their adoption by making reward payments upon implementation.

Recommendation 7: Freight rail projects which also deliver substantial benefits for passenger rail and reduction of congestion should be eligible to receive funding support through the Commonwealth’s National Rail Program.

Recommendation 8: That the Commonwealth Government engage with port operators and supply chain participants to identify areas where government mandated documentation related to the import and export of goods can be digitised and streamlined.

Recommendation 9: That the Commonwealth Government immediately requests the Productivity Commission review of rail and road operating standards be brought forward to 2018, and further requests that mandatory use of telematics and National Operating Standards be examined as part of this review.



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