Green Reflector Bays

Green Reflectors

Heavy Vehicle road safety evangelist Rod Hannifey was successful in round 2 of the NHVR road safety funding grants in getting up his idea of green reflector markings of informal rest areas. Areas suitable for a truck to safely pull over if necessary Informal truck rest area markings assist operators of heavy vehicles with a place to Rest, Revive, Survive.

This initiative has seen Rod campaign on for 19 years Lobbying and sometimes arguing with bureaucracy until he finally got the funding to have it done through the NHVR Road Safety Initiative funding. A testament to his passion and drive but also his love for the industry. Rod described this in his regular program Truck That Australia on Whiteline TV in January last year.

This initiative installed green reflector markings near informal truck bays along the Newell Highway. Truck drivers were informed of the initiative and reminded of how to use truck stopping bays to manage fatigue.

Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative: Green Reflector Informal Truck Bays

Rod proudly states that drivers have commented that this idea was brilliant and in a couple of instances commented that it has saved their life. What better outcome could anyone hope for?

It was funded during Round 2 of the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative which supports implementable, value-for-money projects that deliver tangible improvements to heavy vehicle safety.

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