Audiobooks for the road post from Facebook 23/3/2019. For those into audiobooks.

24/3/2019 Goodaye all. I read “Dust to Dust” again and enjoyed it again. There are not that many books you can read again after only a week and do that. I don’t know that I really picked up any more, or that I missed that much the first time, but a few things stood out more. Of course knowing the ending for certain, as opposed to thinking you do, will change what you perceive too.

I will definitely be looking for the first and further books in the series. To Brad, yes Jack Reacher and I have been mates for ages. I am considering trying to read them through in order and even bought my sons, all four of them, a print copy of the latest book, number 22 I think, for Christmas.

However having borrowed one to really read, I was a bit disappointed. It was slower than many and the story not as good. The add on bit at the end where Jack visits Australia, seemed to me a nearly blatant pull to get more Aussies to read the books, rather than a serious story.

Two points for you. Do any of you have problems with very long tracks in the books? Some are good at three minutes, yet “The Panic Room” from 2 weeks ago, had some tracks of over 20 plus minutes and it can be hard to find where you are up to if it restarts and not the best while driving.

Secondly, as I have said before, like all things, you as the reader must know and consider when ready an audiobook is not allowing you to concentrate on driving. It is one thing to keep your mind active, but another to lose the plot and get distracted and we don’t want that. Any comments on either are welcome. Cheers, and Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

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