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Trucking Nation received a fascinating letter, and we felt it worthy of publishing as it does significantly highlight an ongoing issue for all members of the road transport community.

Often it is asked why drivers get picked on so much, why are they singled out for point to point speed cameras yet cars not, why are they singled out for special rules and tighter punishment, well we feel that the answer is quite simple. More voters drive cars and not trucks, and that’s about it in a nutshell. Associations are there for owners and only owners at the end of the day, and they are the ones that pay their wages, so the associations are there to do their bidding.

The transport workers union is there for drivers however as we have often seen, their representation to drivers has been significantly lacking in the past while many felt that self-interest came above the members and subsequently have seen their membership dwindle. Typically, they won’t represent non-members and after all, why should they, so the cycle continues. The writer refers to a new facebook page designed to mobilise support for the ongoing problem of parking bays and the lack of them for heavy vehicles. It also highlights the challenges faced every day and night for operators finding areas to take required breaks.

As always we have checked the correspondence referred to in the letter.

It seems if you are not someone like the ATA, Natroads etc then you are not taken seriously by OUR elected members of state and federal politics. The word from those on the road does not seem to be of interest to the pundits who proport to support the truckies of Australia.

Truckies tend to swear, carry on at each other, tear each other down, take the mickey out and general act like a pack of school girls so we can see why the possibility of being taken seriously is the way it is. However if they are YOUR elected members both parliamentarians and the trucking associations should they not work for you in no matter the language you speak?

The recently added facebook page “Stop the Chaos – Designated truck parking bays” have found out the hard way just how the politicians see a sample group in a particular demographic. They sent letters to a Federal MP with a copy to the State Infrastructure portfolio owner and the local council in the area of the writer. As stated in the letter the writer used their local area as an example of a national problem.

The federal MP didn’t respond to the writer but forwarded the letter to a local state MP (1) whose response was to ask for the writers address, you do not live in our electorate I have passed it on to the state MP(2) in another neighbouring electorate. What is your address – You do not live in our electorate. It is now passed to another state MP(3). Again it was clearly stated that this suburb was used as an example for a national issue.

The last email advised you are not in our electorate send it to this state MP. If they had read the CC list they would have seen that MP already has received the letter., A sharp rebuke with the comment “truckies are use to being second class citizens” was the response sent. To the amazement of the letter writer they received an email in response declaring that the MP was a truckie himself and well understood the issues.

The final email suggested that as a truckie himself the MP may like to look further into the issue and be the voice needed in parliament to bring the safety issue to the pundits. There was no response to this email.

Yes there are protocols in writing to MP’s, yes they where followed in the original letter sent to the initial MP.

What is it with politicians? are they there to support their constituents or not. This particular Federal MP’s electorate has a hell of a lot of truck drivers and owners. As a labour MP he also supported the RSRT (love it or hate it) but he won’t support a major road safety issue “fatigue”.

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