Be safe in the wet, be seen police warn

Staying safe while driving, riding or walking in the unpredictable weather forecast for NSW in the coming days, can be as simple as making good choices such as being able to be seen by other road users. 

Traffic and Highway Patrol Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said unpredictable weather conditions across the state meant an increased risk of drivers and riders being involved in crashes.

“There are several parts to these warnings, some or all of which may come into play in the coming days,” Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

“Firstly, it hasn’t rained for some time so the roads will be covered in grime which will become slippery to drivers as well as bicyclists and pedestrians.

“Visibility is important – that means headlights on and if you are on foot or a bike of any kind – this is the week for your brightest coat and/or umbrella.

“Later as the rain continues, we will see water running over the road and pools of water forming. Drivers can easily lose control.

“Days of rain can often result in road closures. When that happens, people may be tempted to ignore road closed signs and drive through flood waters. 

“It’s not just your life at risk – it’s the lives of the emergency service workers some of whom are volunteers. “

Assistant Commissioner Corboy stressed it was important to allow for more travel time during wet weather as traffic would be moving slower and your normal route could have changed unexpectedly.

“Wet days are recipe for rear-end collisions as people don’t leave enough room between their vehicle and the one in front,” he said.

For the latest on road conditions, please check before starting your journey.

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