Every now and then we come across something profound, something almost prophetic one could say. Long distance driver Adam Rowland has put pen to paper and written the piece below and we just had to share and promote it, thanks for the privilege Adam and allowing us to publish it.

You say because I’m a truck driver, all I do is sit down all day. And that my truck is a road hazard. …You’re right I do sit all day, but I sit and see the problems with the world from behind the steering wheel.

I see the young mother texting and driving with her child in the car.
I see the drunk driver returning from a night out.
I see the teen boy trying to impress a girl by speeding recklessly in and out of traffic without knowing that is the reason

I had to see the first responders close a body bag last week.
I see high school girls begging for attention by flashing their bodies.
I see the lover quarrels and romantic kisses.
I’ve seen things that allow me to see you’re next move on the road.
I’ve seen so many things that very few the things I see surprise me any more….

All You see …Is that I’m a truck driver and my truck is a road hazard…
But on behalf of all my brothers and sisters, My workmates, My employers,

I see a nation in denial…..

Adam Rowland

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