Drive safe this October long weekend

Read the signs. Google maps image.

The long weekend is almost here, and the usual fun begins for everyone. Some will be heading off on a pilgrimage to all places exciting. Many of us will still be working to ensure you have everything you need. 

Some important points to remember to ensure you and everyone else has a safe long weekend are:

DON’T DRIVE FATIGUED, get plenty of rest and ensure you take regular breaks away from the driver’s seat. If you are a passenger, make sure the driver is focussed, concentrating and alert, it’s your life too.

DON’T DRIVE DISTRACTED, keep mobile phones, laptops and tablets in the glove box or boot (trunk) until you reach your destination. Here’s a tip, that GPS that you keep on the windscreen at full brightness, it WILL affect your night vision and ability to be able to react to things on the road.

DON’T DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE, Alcohol and drugs are not friends of the road and can and will affect your driving ability, no matter how much you protest. Having been involved in road rescue for many years, I have seen many people complain about only having ____ drinks after being involved in a serious road crash!

DON’T PARK IN TRUCK PARKING BAYS, Parking bays that are designated truck bays are quite logically for TRUCKS. Such a simple concept, yet it is incredible how many people don’t understand the idea or are just plain ignorant of other people. Consider others If you are parking in shared bays, many trucks will be coming in late at night. Don’t just stop at 5:00 in the afternoon and spread out because of the room available. Consider and look at the bays if they are obviously for trucks, park somewhere else. We don’t want anyone driving tired but with a little consideration, we can all utilise the facilities.

This bay is clearly a truck bay, marked a truck bay should park somewhere else

DON’T DRIVE WITH YOUR HIGH BEAM OR FOGLIGHTS ON If you must drive at night, (not a good time to drive a car in the country really but if you must), consider other motorists that MUST drive at night. Turn fog lights off (Auxiliary lights) if it’s not foggy, turn off your high beam as soon as you see the lights of another vehicle, red or white!

When travelling on outback roads or anywhere really, if you see an oversize PILOT vehicle then follow their instructions, follow the signs, they aren’t there for the fun of it.

We could go on and on and on, and the list is extensive. You want to have a good time; you want your family to be safe, and you want to return home safe at the end of your trip. We are no different at the end of the day with the exception that we MUST be out there doing our job for you and us to have the things we all need.

Earlier this year, with support from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator NHVR) we released videos on the truckies top tips for sharing the road. Nicole Rutledge and Rod Hannifey explain about the top tips for sharing the road safely with heavy vehicles, and they are worth a look, share them around to make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn.

Be safe and enjoy your holidays.

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