09:00 17/04/2020 EST

SARTA has received this additional advice for the industry from SAPOL this morning. For the doubting Thomases, this is a direct quote and publication … all the following words are from SAPol this am and we URGE EVERYONE in the Industry to comply …. or the restrictions WILL BE TIGHTENED UP, which would hurt the entire industry AND the community…. READ ALL OF IT CAREFULLY … the point is that as we have repeatedly said non-driving passengers are not exempt from the 14 day quarantine requirements. NOTE in particular the fifth to seventh paras.

“Family members (or other persons) as passengers in a truck are not exempt in South Australia unless they are essential travellers, which include;

4—Transport and freight services
Persons who, in the conduct of their duties, provide transport or freight services into, within and out of South Australia (including any crew on such transport or freight services) and are required to be physically present in South Australia for such purposes.

Any person claiming to be an essential traveller will need to provide evidence to the fact that they are an essential traveller.

Non-essential travellers will still be able to enter South Australia, but will be required to

· identify a suitable place of quarantine
· travel directly to that location
· self-quarantine at that location for 14 days.

The problems drivers bringing their children or partners in are facing is identifying a suitable place of quarantine and travelling directly to that location. Travelling to offloading or loading points does not count as travelling directly to the suitable place for quarantine and travelling into the State, offloading/loading and then travelling back home certainly does not fit the definition.

Drivers who are acting in contravention of the travel directions are causing issues at the border checkpoints and slowing the process down and are going to force changes that will affect everyone, including those who are acting responsibly and following the intent of the travel directions.

Checkpoint staff have noted an increase in passengers in trucks which if the trend continues will lead to a change in practice. At present police are doing all that they can to expedite the movement of trucks through border checkpoints.

Please reiterate with industry that we are still in a state of emergency and we are looking for cooperation and compliance with necessary travel restrictions rather than looking at how to get around or manipulate to suit individual purposes.


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