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Goodaye all. The second thing we ask of you as a member of the club, is to ring road authorities about roads when warranted. How many of you have done so thus far? Do you know the numbers to use? I have been doing it for years and it does work, but the biggest issue I find is if only one driver rings, then they may see you as a whinging truckie and do bugger all. If 5 blokes rang, then all of a sudden, this must be a problem, we better have a look at this.
There are two major concerns. The first is the most obvious and I know none of you would do this and that is one reason I have not always pushed this idea openly. You cannot ring up and abuse the person taking the call or carry on like an idiot. The person you are speaking to is not directly responsible, so don’t abuse them. Be respectful, succinct and explain the location and the problem and that as a truck driver, you believe this to be a danger to motorists.
The other part is keeping a record of the call. If nothing is done in a month, then you need more backup and this is where we come in. Let us know of the problem, the date of the call and once we have a database of drivers, we can chase others than run that road to lodge similar complaints if they agree with the problem. Yes it is ganging up in a way, but we need the road to be safe for us and others. Qld 131940 NSW 131700 Vic 131170 Other states to follow. Comments please gentlemen. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.
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In New South Wales 24/7

13 17 00 is the number you use to report traffic incidents, potholes, unsafe road conditions and rest area issues.


Be nice
Be respectful
Try and give as accurate a location as possible. The more who use the service, the more likely we are to get a result.

Safe Travelling
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