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Catching up with Mr. Positive

Following some amazing feedback and enquires, our Operations Manager Sarah, visits again with Chris Harmer (Mr. Positive) to see how he has been going. Given the events of 2020 ...Read More

Managing fatigue at home

Managing your fatigue starts at home. You must get enough rest before your shift. If you are required to drive overnight, then, of course, you need to sleep during the day, whic...Read More

Fatigue – Recognise the signs

Driving while tired or fatigued is dangerous and is often referred to as drowsy driving and could even lead to having a microsleep. Drowsy driving is generally caused by not get...Read More

Fatigue Management

Continuing our Road Life Australia series for new drivers entering the industry we tackle the important subject of fatigue. Make no mistake, Fatigue can be a killer if left unch...Read More

Share the road tips for caravaners back travelling

These are the latest video tips and advice that every caravan or RV driver should watch before hitting the road this winter. Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Trans...Read More

Holiday Travellers and road-trains share the outback (Facilities)

Whilst travelling in the outback of our great country, it is very important that we not only share the roads but also our facilities such as parking bays and roadhouses. These r...Read More

Holiday travellers and road-trains share the outback

Travelling in the outback of Australia is an iconic Australian dream. The sights of the red desert and other attractions such as Uluru are synonymous with the Australian outback...Read More

Disqualified driver in court following an alleged pursuit

Disqualified driver in court following alleged pursuit, driving at police and trespass – Operation Stay AlertTuesday, 09 June 2020 12:01:40 PM Two disqualified drivers – one arr...Read More

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