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Speed Limited & being overtaken by a truck

These two tips have been combined as they relate to each other so closely. The speed that a heavy vehicle can travel is closely governed and by law it is not possible for the driver to increase their ...

dont cut in front

Don’t cut in front of trucks

A loaded B-Double can weigh 40 to 50 times that of the average sedan and because of this substantial weight difference, trucks take much longer to stop than a car. Cutting in front of trucks approachi...


National Road Safety Week

Have you been and taken your pledge this year? A visit to the web page will once again bring home the message to everyone why we strive for safer roads. These kind of trage...

rod n truck

5th May Road Safety Week Start

Goodaye all. Next week is National Road Safety Week and I will straight up ask any who can, to share our videos from I have a number of radio interviews planned and have sent e...

Light vehicle drivers targeted by top trucking safety tips

Overtaking, road positioning and stopping distances are some of the key issues addressed in a new series of videos educating light vehicle drivers how...

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