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  • Based on some of the comments from the surveys it would appear there are two problems. The first is the perception of some including many young drivers that the truck races them to the roundabout. What the truck […]

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    Too many drivers take significant risks to save a few minutes on a long trip. People become frustrated at slow trucks on hills and often the speed limit gap between the standard speed limit of 110 and heavy […]

  • One of the most challenging situations on the roads is with a truck catching up behind a van and the van driver. The van driver believes they are doing the right thing, unnecessarily slows down and moves to […]

  • High beam glare contributes to fatigue during night driving. When you see the lights of an oncoming vehicle dip or you are flashed before reaching a crest or curve, dip your lights. By waiting until you see the […]

  • A truck uses all of its lane space, do not travel right on the centre line, use the road width available, to give you space between opposing traffic. If stopped or broken down, where possible park well clear of […]

  • This tip is a simple concept, but along with driver education, awareness of sharing the roads and increasing your safety, these things are often not given enough consideration. Many people are in a hurry for […]

  • These two tips have been combined as they relate to each other so closely. The speed that a heavy vehicle can travel is closely governed and by law it is not possible for the driver to increase their speed beyond […]

  • The sign on the rear of vehicles over 7.5 metres in length, allows them to legally turn from the second or even the third lane as needed to get around a corner safely.[3] If you are next to a truck during a […]

  • A loaded B-Double can weigh 40 to 50 times that of the average sedan and because of this substantial weight difference, trucks take much longer to stop than a car.

    Cutting in front of trucks approaching […]

  • Overtaking, road positioning and stopping distances are some of the key issues addressed in a new series of videos educating light vehicle drivers how to behave around trucks.

    NHVR Corporate Affairs Ex […]

  • Heavy Vehicle road safety evangelist Rod Hannifey was successful in round 2 of the NHVR road safety funding grants in getting up his idea of green reflector markings of informal rest areas. Areas suitable for a […]

  • Mazda & Volvo the first to step up to increasing test standards

    The latest independent safety assessments from vehicle safety authority, ANCAP, have demonstrated the ongoing commitment from vehicle brands to […]

  • New campaign shows life-saving barriers in action

    The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) have hit a home run again with their new road safety campaign on the benefits of the wire rope life-saving […]

  • The ACCC should not approve the sale of West Connex to Sydney Transport Partners (STP), because in the long run it would push up truck tolls even further, the Chair of the Australian Trucking Association, Geoff […]

  • 20th May 2018 Phone calls and messages.
    by truckright

    Goodaye all. This weeks calls have been a mixed bunch, but all with a theme of drivers in crisis in one way or another. One driver wanted to chat for […]


    The truck driver licensing system is an insult to Australia’s expert, hard working truck drivers and must be fixed, the CEO of the Australian Tru […]

  • The Hansard from APH

    Senator RICE (Victoria) (12:32): I was discussing the impact and the importance of cleaning up our vehicle fleet, because we have got a huge issue in terms of truck pollution in our cities […]

  • 13th May 2018. A Megaweek.
    by truckright

    Goodaye all. By early AM tomorrow, “TRUCK That” May will be on the air at for your viewing pleasure. It covers Ben Maguire’s trip […]

  • Officers from the North West Metro Highway Patrol and North Shore Police will be conducting a high visibility pedestrian safety operation following a number of fatal crashes within the North Shore Police Area […]

  • 7th May 2018
    by truckright

    GOODAYE all. I have just arrived in Melbourne having brought Ben Maguire along for a trip. Ben is the CEO of the Australian Trucking Assoc and we discussed many of the […]

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