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Welcome to Road Life Australia.

This video series will provide some quick pointers for the new driver to consider through listening to the advice of operators who have been doing the job over many years. Their opinions can ultimately help new drivers to blend in and successfully operate in our industry. In many cases, drivers learn what they need to know by attrition because, except for some of the larger companies, transport companies and experienced drivers don’t usually have the time to teach new people effectively, therefore, leaving the newbie discouraged and subsequently disinterested and even sometimes unsafe. Training is expensive and time-consuming, so we thought that this free reference on some key issues would be helpful.

Eventually, we will cover as many aspects as possible and establish a small library of videos to provide as many tips and pointers for the new driver as we can. Some videos will include law, but most are simply pointers on how to operate in this seemingly endless maze called road transport. Perhaps who knows we could even, more importantly, save a life. With support from the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Federal Government, Whiteline Television was able to produce some short videos to assist new drivers coming into the industry. 

One of the keys to becoming a successful truck driver is learning to prioritise. Managing your responsibilities at work and balancing them at home is a feat that many find challenging to master. Getting this seemingly elusive balance right will make you a safer, happier operator in the long run. While many of our themes feature the long-distance sector, the principles are the same across the board for everyone, no matter how far you carry your freight.

There are many priorities that a truck driver must juggle daily and far too often; health is the one that inevitably suffers. It makes sense that the first videos to be released were about drivers health and wellbeing.