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Following the success of our Sharing parking bays video, Truck That RV has been developed as a monthly programme dedicated to offering specialised road safety tips for the Caravan and RV sector.  Whiteline Television is proud to team up with legendary industry advocate Rod Hannifey who presents the monthly programme from various locations throughout Australia. A sister programme to our monthly Truck That Australia which focuses on all things road transport, Truck That Australia RV will highlight issues more pertaining to the recreational sector with helpful tips and tricks for sharing the roads across this huge country with some of the largest vehicles on the planet.

the parking bay video was touted by some transport industry media as one of the most important videos of 2017

Truck That RV Rod HannifeyThe aim of the programme is to inform drivers and operators of issues pertaining to the sector, advocate for change in attitudes, break down stereotypes and push for a common sense approach to road safety for all.  Some of the recent stories Rod has been advocating for was the caravan and sharing parking bays video which was widely received and welcomed by industry and the recreational sector.  In fact the parking bay video was touted by some transport industry media as one of the most important videos of 2017.

Along with our videos, we have established an area for comment and use by all from transport to the recreational sector in a forum based environment.  Please keep an eye on these and make sure you register in order to participate and get involved to make a difference.

If you see us on the road, come up and say hello, and don’t forget to keep coming back for more videos on sharing the road together.Truck That RV 03

Rod Hannifey has spent most of his truck driving career as a road safety evangelist and advocate for safety within the Australian road transport industry. He is an accomplished and respected columnist and has been an adviser to Industry and government on many projects. He also pilots the distinctive Truckright Industry Vehicle which is a K200 Kenworth in B’Double configuration owned by Rod Pilon Transport of Dubbo in central western NSW.

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