Truck That Australia February 2019

In our February edition of ‘Truck That’ which is also the final edition of Rod’s Churchill Fellowship tour of the UK and the USA, we speak to some seriously interesting people. As the tour has continued, it is quite apparent the challenges that face our brothers and sisters of the road in other countries are almost the same that we do. Distracted driving and electronic logs are on the top of the list but following up closely in both countries is the lack of rest areas. The lack of the very areas that will make us all safer and compliant sounds familiar.

It continues to beg the question of the law and policy makers, who proclaim and aspire to be at the top of the tree intellectually, why they don’t consult with and examine what the real-world experiences are for us mere mortals who must live and be punished by their decisions. Why has it taken so long for them to act on rest areas? It’s not as if the population growth and subsequent increase in the freight task just landed in their lap. It is almost Pythonesque when you think of it.

We have a chat with Glen Rice about his beautiful conventional Kenworth and its super sleeper or should we say house. Plus, we also get to chat with Brad Christiansen about a very unusual looking international Cabover.

As in our last episode where we spoke with young Dillon, who had a refreshing take on our industry, in this episode we meet a young lady who enunciates the frustration being felt by many as to how to educate our young drivers to act responsibly and safely around heavy vehicles. Check out their camper trailer too. Also, check out the “little Pete” belonging to Wayne Alberts, we must say, we ‘wants’ one.

Rod also poses some questions about the law surrounding red and blue lights and how both NRMA and the Police Associations calling for a review into the code to attempt to make it safer for everyone.

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