Truck That RV Episode 03

TIVIn Truck That RV Episode 03 which is part of our Truck That Australia series, we had the privilege of attending the “stone the crows” festival in Wagga Wagga NSW for a couple of days of a combination of music, entertainment and road safety messages with some seriously amazing people.

This was Rod’s third year attending the festival with the Truckright Industry Vehicle (TIV), which always generates keen interest from the public. Rod delivered his “sharing the road” seminar on both days to around 300 people each day who all participated keenly in the discussions and question and answer session.  We caught up with fellow truck driver and Balladeer, John Smith and his lovely wife Christine, who performed his latest song “Always on the road” written by Grant Luhrs who also happens to be one of the organisers of the festival.


John Smith & Grant Luhrs

We also got to catch up with Alan Kruger, another former Truck owner and driver who is now a volunteer at the festival. An interesting and bizarre thing developed during Rods seminars in that not many people had seen our Parking bay video and seeing as our parking bay video was credited in some leading transport industry media as “one of the most important videos of 2017” we have included it as part of this episode.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay, some of us need to work, but the festival continues through the week to round out the seven day event but we seriously need to express our thanks to the management and staff for making us feel so welcome at their event.

alan kruger

Alan Kruger

Rod Hannifey has spent most of his truck driving career as a road safety evangelist and advocate for safety within the Australian road transport industry. He is an accomplished and respected columnist and has been an adviser to Industry and government on many projects. He also pilots the distinctive Truckright Industry Vehicle which is a K200 Kenworth in B’Double configuration.

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