Whiteline Short – Ben Maguire on Rest Areas

Ben Maguire and Rod Hannifey

The Whiteline Short is back and in this Whiteline Short – Ben Maguire on Rest Areas, Rod Hannifey discusses the need for more and better designed rest areas with Ben Maguire the CEO of the Australian Trucking Association.

we’re going to need to be smarter about how we care for these people when they come and work in trucking

Ben Maguire and Rod Hannifey

It is also refreshing to see a correlation finally being drawn between the need to better manage fatigue and the distinct lack of quality rest areas AND finally the need for these to improve in order to attract new drivers into the industry. Perhaps a cynic would be sceptical about an employer association backing the move for better rest areas but credit where it is due and on this front drivers see support from the association as a positive step forward.

Ben Maguire states that this issue of rest areas has been raised with the Hon. Michael McCormack MP, Minister for infrastructure and transport, and Ben says that the minister is genuinely interested and can see the need as an industry wide problem for attracting new people into the industry. Ben says, “If we’re going to ask people to sign up and have a career in an industry that you love and I love, and lots of people do, we’re going to need to be smarter about how we care for these people when they come and work in trucking”.

With a positive approach and everyone from the NHVR to the ATA all agreeing that we need better quality and more frequent rest areas for us to manage our fatigue, it does make one curious as to why successive governments have done nothing to rectify the problem. In my discussions with Rod recently, we are making headway, but still, all the words are of little comfort to the next driver that desperately needs to stop for his lawfully required break only to find full and/or inadequate parking bays.

We fight on.

Keep checking back for the full interview and more in Truck That May 2018.

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